Why SeaCork?

The selection of cork flooring products can be quite daunting. Many products have been around for decades or more. There are a few features of SeaCork that make it more attractive as a deck and floor product, and a better value overall.

Larger Granules

When cork stopper waste is ground, this process results in grains of different sizes. SeaCork makes a point of selecting the larger grains, as this creates a more attractive floor that maximizes the natural benefits of cork. Many cork products use very small grains, which means the cork floor may end up being more resin/binder than cork.

Better Binder, Less of It

The SeaCork binder is proprietary, and exhibits superior elasticity and adhesion. This gives SeaCork exceptional flexibility without tearing or breaking, despite the fact that the resin is largely invisible to the eye. SeaCork continues to improve the product, and this includes sourcing new binders that are more eco-friendly.

More Natural Appearance

SeaCork looks more like actual cork. You can get up close and see the beautiful variety of grains, colors, shapes and sizes. Step back and they blend into a pleasing, but decidedly woody texture and color.

Wet Area Durability

The SeaCork selection of cork and binder, along with our process, results in a product that exceeds expectations in wet areas. Shower stalls, pool surrounds, and of course boat decks are all excellent places to make use of SeaCork’s outstanding properties. Some cork products (in particular, flooring tiles) recommend against wet mopping or use in wet areas. Not SeaCork. It’s what we do.