Payments, Taxes and Shipping

Orders are paid in Euros, and as such your total cost will be affected by changes in the exchange rate with your home currency. You can get an idea by using the Google Currency Converter, or sites like Note that the rates reflected by these converters do not include any bank rates or fees that might be applied to your payment. These can often add up to %10 or more, depending on your bank.

Orders are processed and shipped from our facility in France. All orders in the EU will be subject to VAT. Taxes will not be applied to orders shipping out of the EU, however you should expect to pay duty fees, and any applicable sales taxes, based on your location.

If you are a cruiser or foreign national at your current location (a US sailor in Mexico, for example), research your ability to have shipments directed to your location. You may need a customs broker, or have the product ordered by/shipped to a local business in order for customs to proceed smoothly with minimal fees. Any fees assessed by customs officials, agents or the shipping company is outside the control, or responsibility of SeaCork.

Shipping fees are based on product weight, with a small handling fee added. If you are ordering product that is 12mm thick, note that the factory does not maintain significant stock levels in this thickness, so there may be a delay of up to 6 weeks in your order, to allow for an additional production run.

Additional Payment Methods Available:

Besides what you will see during checkout (PayPal and International Bank Transfer (wire)), you can opt for a couple of other ways to easily send your payment to SeaCork.

Transferwise: This is a great international payment tool that saves you LOTS of money on currency exchange and transfer fees. If you need to make international payments more than once, it’s totally worth the time to set it up. After you do, here’s the information you will need to make a payment in Euros to SeaCork (Aegir Cork Group SAS):

Name of Business: Aegir Cork Group SAS
Country: France
City: Gabarret
Address: 234 Avenue de la Gare
Postal Code: 40310
Bank IBAN Number: DE22700111106050481563

Bank Transfer in the US: SeaCork has a bank account in New York to accept payment in dollars. You can convert your order from Euros to dollars using Google Currency Converter, or sites like etc; and then use the following information to transfer dollars from your account to SeaCork:

Account Holder: Aegir Cork Group SAS
Account Number: 8310018251
ACH Routing Number: 026073150
Wire Routing Number: 026073008
Bank Name: CFSB (Community Federal Savings Bank)
Address: 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010