Estimating Costs of Your New Cork Floor

If you’re looking for a rough estimate for the cost of your project materials, you should be able to multiply your overall square footage by one of the following figures (includes 6mm cork, adhesive, caulk (if used) clear coat and shipping from France to USA).

Based on currency exchange rates fall 2017:

  • Smaller projects (40 sq feet/ 4 sq meters or less), no caulked grooves: $17/sq foot, $174/sq meter
  • Medium sized projects (up to 100 sq feet/ 10 sq meters), with caulked grooves, optional borders: $23/sq foot, $248/sq meter
  • Larger projects (more to come…)

If using 8mm cork, add 20%
If using 12mm cork, add 60%

The actual cork product by itself, without any other materials, or shipping, for apples-to-apples comparison with other materials:

6mm: € 115.12 /sq meter, or $135 (fall 2017 dollars – 1:1.17), which equates to $12.50 /sq foot

8mm: 144.16 /sq meter, or $169 (fall 2017 dollars), which equates to $15.70 /sq foot

12mm: 191.65 /sq meter, or $225 (fall 2017 dollars), which equates to $21 /sq foot

Each large SeaCork sheet is one square meter (10.76 square feet), so it makes it easy to figure if you look at the store.

For more detail, consider these individual items:
SeaCork + overage
Caulk (optional)
Clear Coat
Tape, trowel, gloves and other supplies