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Recent Projects

Catamaran Fantail with Handy Details

This catamaran got the fantail upgraded with SeaCork, including pool table style pointers for tracking traveler adjustments. Note the tricky shape of the end pieces. Lots of detailed templating work on this one.

Quiet Bathroom Oasis

Design company 0-1 used SeaCork to help create a strikingly minimalist, comfortable quiet oasis at this private home.

Catamaran Gets Cork Deck Outside and Replaces Some Teak/Holly Below

The Catamaran Just a Dream was looking for better footing in the cockpit and the foredeck near the mast, as well as to replace worn non-skid on the transom steps, and some beyond-repair teak/holly in the head below. SeaCork to the rescue. A lovely installation by Rob Mould of REM Yacht Repair in Connecticut, this…

  • There is no need for expensive power saws, routers, etc. when installing a Seacork floor. A sharp utility knife, pen and straight edge are about all you will need. A Dremel tool and some power sanding tools might be helpful, depending on your desired finished product. After creating proper templates for your pieces, it’s simply a matter of cutting, light sanding, cleaning of the surface, and glueing in place. This site has helpful step-by-step instructions for various kinds of projects, so you know what to expect and can avoid any issues. These projects are easily handled by a moderately skilled Do-It-Yourselfer.
  • The key to lasting durability of a cork floor is dirt management. If you regularly sweep or vacuum your cork floor, and put out floor rugs near entryways to prevent tracked in dirt, your cork floor will require very little additional maintenance. The regimen will depend largely on the installation and finish you choose. At one end of the spectrum is an unfinished cork area on the transom of a boat. Regular scrubbing with sea water, every 4-6 days, will result in a very clean and tidy appearance, although the cork will fade to natural gray color, just like teak. At the other end of the spectrum is a cork shower floor installation, which because of constant rinsing, will likely never need any additional maintenance.
  • Cork flooring is actually made from the cultivated waste of the cork wine-stopper manufacturing process, so it is a recycled product. Cork harvesting does not harm the trees, and is a highly regulated process to ensure sustainability. Bottle stopper “corks” are punched from the best material in the harvested cork bark slabs. The remaining material is then ground into smaller granules, mixed with a non-toxic resin binder, molded into large blocks and baked in specialized ovens – making use of every scrap of cork bark. There is practically no waste from the harvesting of the raw material to the manufacturing of flooring.

Some Features of Cork Flooring
  • Comfortable Underfoot, Easy on Your Body
  • Resilient to Abuse, Including High Heels and Hammers
  • Absorbs and Attenuates Sound and Vibration
  • Excellent insulator of both Temperature and Sound
  • Asorbs Very Little Heat, Maintaining Barefoot Comfort in Direct Sun
  • Produces an Excellent Non-Slip Surface, Even When Wet
  • Resists Stains and Liquids, Mold and Mildew
  • Resists Fire, and is Unattractive to Termites, Ants and other Insects
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SeaCork has developed an embedded LED strip for cork planks. A new safety and decor option for boat owners. More Info »


What clients are saying about SeaCork
We couldn't be happier. It's soft and quiet underfoot, doesn't get hot in the sun, and is easy to care for. I was so impressed, not only have we added more cork to the boat, I built this website so others could discover SeaCork too! ☆☆☆☆☆ Randy F. - San Diego, CA
From the low maintenance, traditional look, cushion and thermal comfort, Sea Cork fits all our needs. Additional benefits include safety because of its nonslip properties, even when wet, and its tolerance of spills and salt water. Thad N. - San Diego, CA
I am surprised that more people have not chosen cork as a replacement for teak. We extensively researched the alternatives to teak and concluded that cork was by far the best choice. We did all the work ourselves. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this amazing material I am more than happy to respond. Deb C. - S/V Beedahbun
Went together just like it was supposed to. Easy and clean, with minimal tool work. It's a great improvement over what was there, and the crew love how sure-footed it is. Highly recommended. Ray P. - San Diego, CA