Catamaran Fantail with Handy Details

This catamaran got the fantail upgraded with SeaCork, including pool table style pointers for tracking traveler adjustments. Note the tricky shape of the end pieces. Lots of detailed templating work on this one.

New Cork Transom Steps on Catamaran

This catamaran had vinyl-type non-skid decals on them in a light brown. They had worn away substantially, and were incredibly hot underfoot in direct sun. The owner was looking for a replacement material that would be cooler on the feet, give excellent grip even when wet, and give some cushion (both sound and compression) in…

RIB Tender Replaces Slippery Deck with Cork

A nice addition to the deck of this fine RIB touring boat! The decks were white, boring, and most notably, slippery. Wet shoes or a little bit of spray was all it took to have guests grabbing each other for stability, or making risky maneuvers to board the craft. SeaCork decking has made a world…

New Cork Cockpit Sole and Benches for Sailboat

This was a smallish project that paid huge dividends, as the look and feel of this aging production sailboat was renewed completely by the addition of cork in the cockpit and swim step. Take a look at the before and after photos. Spectacular!

Luxury Mega Catamaran with New Cork Deck to Replace Faux Teak

After many miles and lots of entertaining, the faux teak decks on this luxury charter catamaran were looking a little worse for wear. Most of all, the clients and crew would constantly complain how HOT the deck was in the sun. The owners did a little research, and settled on SeaCork as the solution. The…

Luxury Cabin Cruiser with New Cork Sole

This beautiful power boat has a whole new look to the interior and transom swim platform, after replacing carpet and aging wood with SeaCork. Note that these pics were taken immediately after applying CorkCoat clear finish, while it was still wet. Finished product will have a very matte appearance.  

Large Sailboat with Cork Deck Replacing Teak

The Trinidad, a beautiful classic looking sloop, required new decking to replace their aging teak. The owners wanted something elegant, but less expensive than teak. And something that was cooler in the sun and sustainably harvested. Their search eventually brought them to SeaCork, and the results are excellent. This project required mostly individual planks, allowing…

Replacement Cork Deck for Power Cruiser

This aging power cruiser needed a new look, and functional replacement for the teak deck that had begun to leak. By simply stripping off the old planks, reinforcing with a layer of fiberglass, and adhering SeaCork to the new surface, the boat has a new lease on life, crew is much safer moving around the…

Valiant RIB Gets Beautiful Cork Floor

This RIB will be the envy of any marina, with grippy and beautiful cork underfoot. This looks like a particularly well executed installation. This was templated properly, and then built as complete sheets on a shop floor.

Cork Swim Platform on Power Boat

A fantastic way to give a comfortable, secure and sustainable swim platform on any boat. And you can make it as personal as you like. This is white caulk in a custom cut design.

SeaCork as Safer Replacement for Cement or Tile Around Swimming Pool

The addition of SeaCork around the outdoor pool at this vacation home has transformed the entire back yard. It’s cooler, more comfortable to walk on, safer, and has created a quiet ambiance missing when the cement slab was in place here. The owners are, quite simply, thrilled.