Cleaning Your SeaCork Deck

In response to the many questions we receive from our customers concerning the cleaning of Seacork, please find below the best ways we have tried and tested to keep your Seacork surface in good condition.

Routine Cleaning/Maintenance

At Sea:
Cleaning can be done every week or so, using a brush and sea water, an excellent cleaning agent for SeaCork.

In Port:
Most normal cleaning products may be used to clean Seacork. It allows you to leave more time between sanding, ensuring that your surface stays in good condition for longer. Cleaning is done with a firm brush and in accordance with the soap manufacturer’s instructions. Make up the mixture in a bucket and apply with a brush onto your dry SeaCork surface, leave it to work for 5 minutes before scrubbing again. Finally, rinse thoroughly.

Periodic Maintenance

When the surface becomes dull and smooth, then it will be necessary to restore it by lightly sanding it down. This can be done with an orbital sander, 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, which will remove the top layer of the SeaCork (up to 0.2mm). Once the sanding has been completed it is necessary to use a finishing product, in order to seal the cork, which has just been opened up by the sanding. Your SeaCork will return to its beautiful golden finish just like when you first got it! Take care not to walk on the surface before ensuring it is completely dry.